Wealth management is in the early stages of digitization, with multiple innovations being launched by fintech start-ups, financial institutions, and Internet platforms.

The golden key to digital wealth management will belong to the platforms that integrate all customer needs by providing relevant, customized, and compliant insights and tools.

Digital wealth management is in a nascent phase. However, the same forces that drove fintech innovation in payments and consumer banking – 24/7 digital delivery, compliance, contextual relevance, and transparency on fees – are now driving changes in digital wealth management.

In this whitepaper we describe the early days of digital wealth management innovations coming from fintech start-ups, financial institutions, and Internet platforms across the Asia region. We are clearly in the phase during which new services and innovations focus on doing one thing and only one thing, better, cheaper, or faster.

During the next phase, we foresee a movement towards integration. These separate services will eventually be integrated onto customer-centric, global platforms by using open APIs. These integrated platforms are the ones that will be holding the golden key that will unlock value in digital wealth management.

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