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Alex Putkov, Developer Advocate

Speciality/Domain Expertise: User workflow facilitation, market data.

3 fast facts:

  • The entire career of 22 years spent at Thomson Reuters
  • Interested in history, philosophy and world affairs
  • Enjoys travelling and playing guitar

Chavalit Jintamalit, Platform Application Developer

Domain Expertise: Eikon APIs, Market Data APIs.

3 fast facts:

  • Interested in Web Technology
  • Interested in Mathematic
  • Enjoys solving puzzles


Dave Oliver, Senior Data Scientist, TR Innovation labs

Machine Learning, Python, Market Data, Trading Algorithms

3 fast facts:

  • Previous experience on in both Buy-Side and Sell-Side firms
  • Interested in Cloud Tech & AI
  • Likes to travel to new places


David Thomas, Developer Advocate

Speciality/Domain Expertise: DACS Application Integration, Elektron and TREP real-time APIs.

3 fast facts:

  • Previous Experience as a consultant in Market Data Systems development and support working closely with many Thomson Reuters clients
  • Interested in cryptography
  • Enjoys playing and listening to music


Evgeny Kovalyov, Platform Application Developer

Speciality/Domain Expertise: Fixed income, Emerging markets, Modelling 3 fast facts:

  • Held various roles in Thomson Reuters including data management and financial modelling
  • Uses Python, Javascript and .NET
  • Interested in economics and data science


Iain Scott,Head, APIs & Platform Access

Speciality/Domain Expertise: Financial APIs

Iain Scott is a business technologist with over 20 years’ experience in the financial and mobile telecoms sectors, with the last 15 years spent in various roles at Thomson Reuters. In his current role, Iain leads strategy for API design and development within the Financial & Risk business unit of Thomson Reuters. Previously Iain held senior product, architecture and development positions covering the delivery of large-scale, low-latency historical market data systems as well as mobile platforms and applications

Jason Ramchandani, Developer Community Manager

Speciality/Domain Expertise: Economics, Quant background in equity-linked space

3 fast facts:

  • Previous experience at Jefferies LLC, Sakura Finance, Okasan Securities
  • Interested in scientific computing
  • Enjoys film-making and photography

Jochen Leidner, Director of Research, Research & Development, Thomson Reuters

Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Data Analytics, University of Sheffield Speciality/Domain Expertise: Natural Language Processing, Search Engines, Applied Machine Learning, Big Data

3 fast facts:

  • Leads London and New York research teams/go-to person at Thomson Reuters F&R for Artificial Intelligence
  • Previous experience at SAP, (own) start-ups, Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellow in Electronic Markets
  • Enjoys reading and extending his library, table-tennis

Nick Zincone, Developer Advocate

Speciality/Domain Expertise: Technical Consulting, Application integration, Real time systems

3 fast facts:

  • Over 20 years design/development in real-time systems
  • Prior experience – Part of Alias team start-up visualizing market data in 3D
  • Obsessed with fitness lifestyle, golf and whatever keeps me moving

Olivier Davant, Product Manager - Platform APIs

Speciality/Domain Expertise: Software Development, Agility, API design

3 fast facts:

  • 20 years of experience in Thomson Reuters in various projects and roles (Developer, Team Leader, Framework Architect, Developer Advocate, Dev Doc Manager)
  • Interested in APIs design, technology popularization, making things work
  • Enjoys playing guitar, photography and snorkeling

Dr Tim Nugent, Senior Research Scientist

Speciality/Domain Expertise: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.

3 fast facts:

  • Previous experience as a quant and dev on a repo and securities trading platform
  • Background in protein folding using machine learning
  • Enjoys underwater photography

Toby Amis, Head of Eikon Platform Proposition

Speciality/Domain Expertise: Financial Services/Open Platforms/Human Interface

3 fast facts:

  • Previous experience at HSBC as FX Trader
  • Interested in Design Thinking
  • Enjoys tennis, squash and classic cars


Umer Nalla, API Consultant

Speciality/Domain Expertise: Thomson Reuters Realtime Market Data APIs

3 fast facts:

  • Previous experience at NatWest Bank and KPMG
  • Interested in mobile and desktop computing
  • Enjoys photography


Dr. Yves Hilpisch, Founder & Managing Partner, The Python Quants Group

Founder and managing partner of the Python Quants, a group focusing on the use of open source technologies for financial data science, artificial intelligence, algorithmic trading and computational finance. He is the author of the following books

  • Python for Finance (O'Reilly, 2014)
  • Derivatives Analytics with Python (Wiley, 2015)
  • Listed Volatility and Variance Derivatives (Wiley, 2017)

Yves lectures on computational finance at the CQF Program on algorithmic trading at EPAT and is the director of the first online training program leading to a University Certificate in Python for Algorithmic Trading./p>

Yves has written the financial analytics library DX Analytics and organizes meetups, conferences and bootcamps about Python for quantitative finance in Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, London and New York. He has given keynote speeches at technology conferences in the United States, Europe and Asia /p>


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