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Multinational organisations need to take environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) seriously. 

As a new chapter in globalisation highlights the need for more than just profitability, great products and top-rated service, multinationals need to be taking environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) seriously. This is because the reputation and ESG performance of firms is playing a larger role than ever in determining their market value and in turn their financial performance.

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Elena Philipova,
Head of  Company Content Management
Thomson Reuters

Elena Philipova is a global content management lead for company data at the Financial business of Thomson Reuters, with 12+ years of experience in the ESG / Sustainability industry. Working from the firm’s Enterprise Innovation Hub in Baar Switzerland, she is responsible for driving content development, strategy, and roadmap priorities across the enterprise working very closely with clients, partners and industry leaders. Elena also leads the global ESG team at Thomson Reuters overseeing the proposition, partners engagement and end-to-end coordination across the horizontal team. She started her career as Research Analyst at Morgan Stanley in Florida before joining ASSET4, a Swiss ESG data provider in 2005. Elena holds an MBA and BA in Finance and International business from Stetson University.​

Dawn Emling,
Global Head of Strategy & Sustainability Initiatives, Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion 
Thomson Reuters

Dawn Emling is Head of Strategy and Sustainability Initiatives, Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion, Thomson Reuters.  She leads on key sustainability efforts within the company, including ESG operational footprint management.  In this role she also oversees planning, execution and measurement within the Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Diversity & Inclusion functions.  Dawn has over 20 years experience in Corporate Social Responsibility, international development, and social entrepreneurship.  Prior to her role with Thomson Reuters she served as CEO of a sustainability consulting firm and COO of a social impact technology company.  During her tenure with Credit Suisse, Dawn held two leadership positions as the Head of Sustainability in EMEA and the Head of Community Investment in Asia.  Early in her career, Dawn was a Senior Advisor to the United States Agency for International Development on democracy and human rights.

Devon Reichelt
Market Specialist - Lipper and Buyside
Thomson Reuters

Devon is currently the Lead Market Specialist for Lipper, the ETF and Mutual Fund analytics arm of Thomson Reuters. Devon works on a consultative basis with some of the world’s largest asset managers and banks to assist them in understanding capital flows, performance comparables, fee and expense rational, ESG investing, and market sentiment. 

Topics include:

  • What ESG standards should organisations be measured against?
  • How can ESG performance impact factors such as: equity, profitability, and attracting and retaining talent?
  • What are organisations such as Thomson Reuters doing to embed an ESG culture?

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