Mitigating Fraud and Protecting Clients in the Age of COVID-19

With the ongoing global pandemic, it may seem as though there are a multitude of balls in the air and ensuring each one of them is juggled can seem like a daunting task.

Brokers and advisers must stay vigilant in their defenses against fraud and continue to protect their clients and businesses from the ever-evolving threats associated with the global coronavirus pandemic. Individuals who are looking to defraud vulnerable clients use a myriad of manipulative tools, including high-pressure sales practices, phishing emails, and deceptive marketing in order to prey on their victims.

Join our Regulatory Intelligence Experts as they discuss the potential frauds that businesses cannot lose sight of, even while their attention is pulled to other areas, and how to best go about maintaining high standards in the eyes of one’s clients and regulators.

Event information:

Recorded On April 16, 2020

Location On-demand webinar

Topic Mitigating Fraud and Protecting Clients in the Age of COVID-19

Listen to the on-demand webinar for insights into:

  • Appreciating the importance of training employees to detect phishing activity and how to report it
  • Protecting vulnerable clients from tactics such as high-pressure sales practices and deceptive marketing ploys
  • Detecting and remediating financial crime, especially money laundering and sanctions violations
  • Implementing best practices for risk-monitoring and the use of regulatory technology at a time when transactional activity has considerably changed
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About the speakers

Julie DiMauro, Regulatory Intelligence Expert

Julie DiMauro is a Regulatory Intelligence Expert for Thomson Reuters in New York. She analyzes regulatory developments affecting financial services firms in North America and their implications for compliance, risk and legal personnel. She previously served as managing director for the FCPA Blog and as a legal product manager at Fidelity Investments. She is guest lecturer at Pace University’s Lubin Business School and a board member of the Financial Women’s Association. Julie is a licensed attorney.


Helen Chan, Regulatory Intelligence Expert

Helen Chan is a regulatory intelligence expert at Thomson Reuters in Hong Kong. She covers compliance-related issues for the financial services sector in Canada and the Greater China region for Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence. Helen holds a Juris Doctor degree from Queen's University in Canada and is a U.S. attorney, licensed in New York.


Gina Jurva, Manager of Market Insights and Thought Leadership, Corporate & Government

Gina Jurva, Esq., is an Attorney & Manager of Market Insights and Thought Leadership, Corporate & Government segments for the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute. Gina works on solutions to some of the world’s most pressing fraud issues including anti-money laundering (AML), e-commerce fraud, and government fraud, in addition to risk and regulatory compliance.

In previous roles at Thomson Reuters, Gina worked as the Manager for the Risk & Compliance platform. She was also a Senior Legal Writer and Editor. Additionally, she spent a combined 11 years as a deputy district attorney handling both misdemeanor and felony cases and later, her own legal practice defending clients in criminal matters.

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