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In-Person Compliance Learning

Up-to-date, targeted training with GRC specialists

Targeted training

As regulatory experts, we offer up-to-date governance, risk and compliance in-person learning courses, all of which are designed and taught by regulatory and compliance specialists. With the regulatory environment as challenging and dynamic as it currently is, investing in skills development will create a vital resource that will help any organization to successfully navigate the compliance challenge, now and in the future.

The courses are practical, interactive and cost-effective, and they are designed to empower people with the right information to take effective decisions at any stage of the compliance process, therefore substantially reducing the organization’s exposure to risk.



Up-to-date, insightful and easily accessible course content delivered in a classroom environment, led by regulatory experts and certified trainers. Our public learning courses are chosen by GRC and legal professionals because of their relevance and application.


Designed to help all levels of employees’ capably meet compliance obligations, our comprehensive range of in-house courses can be tailored to an organizational context. Our courses are interactive and as applicable to real life as possible.

There are three ways to access our course content;

  • Market-Ready
    Choose from our catalogue of courses that cover a range of regulatory and compliance topics. These are ready to be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks of agreement and are tailored to the local regulatory environment.
  • Customized
    Our market-ready courses are easily and cost-effectively tailored to include a company’s policies or specific compliance needs.
  • Bespoke
    We create courses using our specialized regulatory and academic content or from content that is supplied by the customer. Each course is therefore unique and built to specific customer needs. We can deliver on a broad range of styles and interactivity using customer-specific branding if requested.

In-Person Compliance Learning Catalogue MENA

In-Person Compliance Learning Catalogue MENA

Boost your skills with specialized, expert training. Download our catalogue to find the best courses for you or your organization.

Training Calendar: Public Compliance Learning Schedule 2017

Training Calendar: Public Compliance Learning Schedule 2018

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