Uncover Connections with
Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph

A linked data feed of Thomson Reuters financial content sets with a pre-identified set of relationships, helping you to uncover previously undetected connections within and across data sets.

In today's complex digital world there has never been a greater need to achieve structure out of your content, in order to organize information and establish links between diverse data types to solve real business challenges. 

Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph feed is a means of organizing and representing that information. It comprises objects and relations between those objects, such as organizations, people, financial instruments and value chains. 


Example of Knowledge Graph in action. View larger version here

With Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph You Can
  • Explore - research investment ideas quickly by connecting the dots
  • Uncover - find a path through the complexity of strategic and ownership relationships
  • Understand - picture the full context around a person or organization
  • Monitor - identify changes to the critical relationships around your investments or targets
  • Recommend - use the Knowledge Graphs relationships to identify which news and research is most relevant, or identify new investment or M&A opportunities
  • Map - display all the connections across an organization's hierarchy across geographies or an officer's career across time

With Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph feed you have the ability to start incorporating Thomson Reuters content as part of your bigger institutional knowledge graph - connecting your data world to Thomson Reuters and 3rd party data. 

Serve your data relationships discovery and exploration needs with ease across a range of business requirements, from investment research, to business development through sales intelligence, to financial crime and Risk. 


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Watch Geoff Horrell, Director of Product Incubation at Thomson Reuters, speak about how asset managers can deliver insight using NLP and Knowledge Graphs.

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