Webinar | Trouble in Paradise?

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As new leaks continue to emerge, learn how the Paradise Papers impact you, your firm and what you need to do to minimise your risk exposure to sanctioned and other undesired parties.

The recent cache of leaked documents published by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on 5 November 2017 provides names of some of world’s biggest businesses, heads of state and global figures in politics, entertainment and sport.

Dubbed the "Paradise Papers", the leaks show how deeply the offshore financial system is entangled with the overlapping worlds of political players, private wealth and corporate giants that avoid taxes through increasingly imaginative accounts maneuvers. With a total of 13.4 million records exposed, the Paradise Papers is one of the largest leaks to date and calls into question the legitimacy of tax practices of the wealthy.

Webinar Information:

Date Thursday 9 November 2017

Time 10:00 AM GMT/ 11:00 AM CET

Location Webinar Recording On Demand

Topic Paradise Papers

Speakers Tom Bergin, Anubhuti David, Nathan Lynch, Sylwia Wolos

​​During this exclusive webinar, our experts discussed:
  • The enduring popularity of opaque structures in low-tax centres 
  • The reality of lax rules and regulations in tax havens
  • Regulations that call out beneficial ownership concerns and best practices to ensuring transparency
  • How to manage your exposure in light of these latest revelations
  • How not to let someone else's off-shore desires put your business at risk
The webinar presentation was followed by a Q&A session allowing the audience to interact with our speakers.

About the speakers

Tom Bergin, Senior Correspondent, Reuters 

Tom Bergin is a Reuters Specialist Correspondent who writes about financial crime, secrecy jurisdictions and tax evasion and avoidance. His work has won many awards on both sides of the Atlantic including an Orwell Prize for Journalism and a Gerald Loeb Award. 
Tom is a regular contributor on television and radio and is also the author of ‘Spills & Spin: The Inside Story of BP’, a critically-acclaimed history of the British oil major. 
He has worked for Reuters for 15 years during which time he has reported from over 20 different countries. Before entering journalism, Tom worked in asset management and as an oil broker.

Anubhuti David, Global Head of Risk Intelligence & Financial Crime, Customer Risk Proposition, Thomson Reuters

Anubhuti (Anu) David, is Global Head of Risk Intelligence & Financial Crime, Customer Risk Proposition for Thomson Reuters where she is responsible for the development and execution of the business strategy for Risk Intelligence content and delivery including World-Check data/Datafile and other associated data sets required by customers for effectively managing their risks.
She joined Thomson Reuters in June 2016. Anu previously worked for Dow Jones where she was the Director of Product Management looking after the Risk & Compliance business.
Currently based in London, Anubhuti has lived and worked in India and the United Kingdom. She has a Masters degree in Business Management from the University of Wales and she is currently pursuing her ACAMS certification.


Nathan Lynch, Regional Bureau Chief, Asia-Pacific, Financial Crime & Risk, Thomson Reuters

Nathan Lynch is an experienced writer, editor and analyst in the fields of Financial Crime Intelligence, Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorism Financing and Regulatory Risk. At Thomson Reuters he takes a thought leadership role in relation to emerging threats, typologies, solutions and commercial opportunities in the financial crime and risk field. He provides articles, expert analysis and practical guidance to more than 25,000 clients in the global financial services sector. He leads the financial crime reporting team on the industry-leading Regulatory Intelligence platform, tracking developments in Asia-Pacific financial services law and regulation for Thomson Reuters' international readers.
Nathan is an AML/CTF Program Expert with the US-based Financial Services Volunteer Corps, which provides regulatory expertise to developing countries to help them combat terrorism financing, money laundering and other financial crimes. He has an Honours Degree in Journalism and has undertaken postgraduate studies in Law and Financial Regulation.

Sylwia Wolos, Head of Enhanced Due Diligence Proposition, Thomson Reuters

Sylwia Wolos is Head of Enhanced Due Diligence Proposition for Thomson Reuters. She has a decade of hands-on experience in public domain research and investigation, gained through establishing and managing regional EDD operations teams. Sylwia has contributed to the development of the Thomson Reuters Ultimate Beneficial Ownership identification service. She's a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS, 2012) and received her Certificate in Anti-Bribery and Corruption Studies (CABCS) in 2017. Her interest is focused on business transparency and sustainable economy.


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