Puerto Rico: Light at the End of the COFINA Tunnel?

The recently announced settlement between the bondholders of the Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corp. (better known by its Spanish acronym COFINA) and Puerto Rico's Government  is welcomed news. It comes after recent agreements with other creditors on the island and signals that the end to their bankruptcy may be approaching. For the municipal market, the COFINA agreement resulted in a further rally in the island’s bond prices. Despite all the excitement, the COFINA agreement is not without risks and opposition...

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  • Why are COFINA's bonds increasing in value?
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  • What's the current fiscal and economic health of Puerto Rico?

"For investors, the question remains: Is the COFINA agreement the end of Puerto Rico’s debt restructuring, or is it just another chapter in what has been a long and difficult saga for the island and bondholders alike?"

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