Managing price risks in the supply chain

When the prices of raw materials in your supply chain suddenly change, the impact on your bottom line can be significant.

Ineffective price risk management can seriously affect your costs, profitability and company performance. How can procurement and supply chain professionals best manage this risk?

In this whitepaper Thomson Reuters examines concerns about price volatility, key price drivers and price management tools you can use to master price risk in your supply chain.

This paper will explore:

  • Price volatility challenges: forex and raw material price volatility is often ranked as the most significant risks to a supply chain
  • Key price drivers: develop a thorough understanding of the key market drivers that move commodity prices
  • Trading in the real world: understanding supply and demand dynamics in commodities
  • Price management tools: futures, options, forwards, swaps - we examine some of the hedging tools used to manage the risk

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"The effective management of price volatility in global supply chains is a fundamental element to managing overall risk and maximizing profitability."


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