8:00am - Registration and Breakfast


9:00am - Opening and Welcome

Lisa Rowsell, Managing Director, Financial and Risk Canada, Thomson Reuters

9.15am - Opening Keynote 

Keynote Speaker - Juliette Powell - Author of 33 Million People in the Room

  • Juliette Powell - Founder, Turing AI and WeTheData


10:00am - General Session  

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Blockchain

With $17 billion raised through Initial Coin Offerings in the first half of 2018 alone, blockchain is here to stay—but what might that mean? How will that affect brokerage houses and the exchanges? How will regulators oversee something that is not traceable because if crypto assets are borderless, it makes KYC almost impossible? Our resident blockchain guru, Sam Chadwick, will explore how decentralized ledgers will likely influence both the financial and risk markets and our everyday lives.

  • Sam Chadwick, Director of Strategy in Innovation and Blockchain, Thomson Reuters

11:00am - Refreshment Break


11:30am - Morning Breakout Sessions (Choose one)

Morning Session I - The ESG Evolution: From Niche to Mainstream?

ESG has been a topic in many discussions ranging from regulation and reporting to the search for alpha or identification of risk. In an era of evolving demographics and the onset of a new generation of investors, there is a growing demand for ESG data to be incorporated into the investment process. In this panel, we’ll explore the impact of the ESG evolution on asset managers and how they can capitalize on this increasing demand and connect to the next generation of investors.

  • Moderator: David Aubuchon, Market Development Director - Buyside & Wealth Management, Thomson Reuters
  • Panelist: Aaron Bennett, Director & Senior Research Analyst - North American Equities,  Jarislowsky Fraser
  • Panelist: Martin Grosskopf, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Sustainable Investing, AGF Investments Inc.
  • Panelist: Rosa van den Beemt, Senior ESG Analyst, NEI Investments
Morning Session II – How Connected Data is Transforming Risk Management 

The breadth of internal and external data available to inform risk decision making can be overwhelming. The rapid evolution of technology in the areas of machine learning and deep analytics holds tremendous promise, but are companies ready to manage the massive amounts of data and information that are created? In this session, the panelists will explore the challenges – and possibilities – of monitoring critical and emerging risks through technology and data analysis.

  • Moderator: Steve McDonald, Head of Market Development, Risk & Compliance Solutions, Thomson Reuters
  • Panelist: Chris Crowe, Managing Partner, Sionic Advisors 
  • Panelist: Gareth Evans, Managing Director - Enterprise Risk Management, Thomson Reuters
Morning Session III– Sunny With a Strong Chance of Cloud Adoption

Increasing momentum in the move to the public cloud has brought us to a major inflection point – but what lies ahead? In this session we’ll talk about the impact of the Cloud in the transformation of financial services now that it has matured from infancy. We’ll look at the new use cases it enables, and how firms are managing to overcome the hurdles of privacy, data, governance, ops and security controls.

  • Moderator: Mike Stone, Global Technology Director, Thomson Reuters
  • Panelist: Roman Chorneyko, Director, Risk on Cloud, IBM/Algorithmics
  • Panelist: Jon Hammond, Managing Director, Data & Analytics, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
  • Panelist: Farsad Nasseri, Head of Sales, Google

12:30pm - Lunch


1:30pm - Afternoon Breakout Sessions (Choose one)

Afternoon Session I –  Can You Predict Opportunity in Capital Markets and Advisory?

Right now, we are on the cusp of a technological transformation where investment banks are committing significant investment into technology. It can transform their workflow to drive efficiency, drive growth opportunities and the automation of certain workflows and potentially create new business models. The use of artificial intelligence tools to support idea generation is one of the themes connected to this technological shift. In this session we will explore and discuss how AI can be used to predict new opportunities across the entire capital markets product suite.

  • Moderator: Ryan Roser, Director of Data Science and Text Analytics, Thomson Reuters Labs
  • Panelist: Alex Delin, Head of Product Management, Squirro
  • Panelist: Duane Good, Managing Partner, RiskThought
  • Panelist: Luis Sanchez, Founder, SGX Analytics
  • Panelist: Dayle Scher, Senior Analyst, TABB Group
Afternoon Session II – Disruptive Data: How Data, Technology and Automation are Transforming the Modern Due Diligence Program

Leading organizations are using data sets and technologies to synthesize many different streams of data into a holistic view of risk. Join us as we explore:
- The hidden world of data – what’s really powering your compliance program?
- The webs of relationships that sit behind your customers and third parties
- How leading firms are using advanced mapping and machine learning to reduce false positives and unlock previously unavailable insights 

  • Moderator: Kevin Bogdanov, Market Development Director - Customer & Third-Party Risk Management, Thomson Reuters
  • Panelist: Andrew Simpson, Chief Operating Officer, CaseWare Analytics
  • Panelist: Peter Warrack, Chief Compliance Officer, Bitfinex
  • Panelist: Saba Shariff, Head of New Product Development & Innovation, Symcor
Afternoon Session III – Transformational AI: Connecting Finance with Other Industries  

The explosion of data in the financial sector and the ability to effectively manage and analyze it has propelled artificial intelligence to a position as the new normal in finance. AI is being used in the industry for everything from automating repetitive processes in order to reduce operating costs, to augmenting client services. But what about beyond finance? Panelists from other highly-regulated industries will share how they’re using AI data to connect with customers and how it has the potential to transform the financial industry.

  • Moderator: Dr. Khalid Al-Kofahi, VP Research, Thomson Reuters 
  • Panelist: Benjamin Jacob, Vice President and General Manager, IPsoft Canada
  • Panelist: Ron Osborne, Chief Strategy Officer, Farmers Edge
  • Panelist: John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft

2:30pm - Refreshment Break


3:00pm - Closing Keynote  

Keynote Speaker - Bill Browder, Author of Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice

  • Bill Browder, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hermitage Capital Management.  

4:00pm - Cocktail Reception and Networking


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Monday, September 24, 2018
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4:00pm: Cocktail Reception
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