Getting Ahead of the Market: The 2017/18 U.S. Corn Season

Insights from the agriculture markets...before anyone else.

Read the latest analysis regarding how Thomson Reuters customers had a powerful advantage when trading the agriculture markets this season.

The 2017/18 corn season has been marked by surprise, denial, and finally, acceptance. Month after month, high yields reported by the USDA shocked the market upon release. Initial reactions were skepticism and doubt, and then gradual acceptance as analysts' own estimates increased in parallel according to Reuters Polls. 

"In September, a corn yield above 170 bushels per acre (bpa) was extreme - the highest analyst estimate in the market. A month later, 169.8 bpa was the average of analysts surveyed. By November, 169.7 bpa was the lowest."

Thomson Reuters customers, however, were well informed on the upside of this year's crop well ahead of government reports knowing corn yield would exceed 170 bpa as early as 6 September 2017. They were also well informed as to the reasons why corn yield would exceed market expectations before nearly everyone else. 

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